Breakfast Menu קפית בגן הבוטני

Good morning:
Breakfast breads 28
Breakfast pastries 16
A variety of sweet / salty pastries
Sandwich: 24
Small and Sweet 24
Croissant with kashkaval cheese and poached egg 38
Served with vegetable salad
Warm croissant filled with creamed kashkaval cheese and
a poached egg
Toasted Bagel
Yellow cheese and tomato 49
Bulgarian cheese olive oil and za'atar sesame 49
Balagan bagel - Bulgarian cheese, hard-boiled egg, tomato, olive oil and za'atar sesame 54
Smoked salmon cream cheese, capers and red onion on an American bagel 54
Red 48
Green 54
Caffit Breakfast 65
Caffit Breakfast for two: 119
Workers' Breakfast for two: 119
Jerusalem Salad: 56
Vegan breakfast 65
White Breakfast 42
Focaccia Benedict for two: 110
Just Eggs:
Baked frittata 62
Baked frittata 62
Eggs Benedict
Classic 64
Lox 68
Children's Breakfast:
Omelet, cottage cheese, tomato, cucumber and chocolate milk 28